Saturday, March 12, 2016

Etegami - A New Discovery

I've just discovered something that suits my clumsy drawing style - Etegami.  In fact, with Etegami, clumsy is good!
Etegami is an old Japanese Folk Art, whereby postcards are made to send to friends.  (So, as this is in my sketchbook, it isn't real Etegami. It is in the Etegami style, though.)  Holding the end of a brush by the very end, one draws an everyday item.  Color is added, and then words carefully chosen.  The "chop" containing your signature is added at the end.  (I had my chop carved on a visit to China.) 
You can read more about Etegami here.  The author of the article, Debbie, runs a Facebook group for us to share our Etegami.  What fun!

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